Jesus Moya and Edu Alonso confide before their Round of XNUMX at the Miami Open against Lucho Capra and Javi Ruiz.

The two young players who return together this year after a short separation last season have every intention of creating a sensation today against the seeded number 8 of the tournament. On the terrace of the superb tournament hotel, they give us their feelings.

Miami, a spectacular tournament

Jesus Moya: “It's awesome to be here in Miami. We enjoy a lot, it's very hot but it's still bearable. We are on the roof terrace of the hotel, sun, swimming pool, everything is there. In addition, the people here are very friendly so we enjoy ourselves”.

Edu Alonso: “Last year we started in pre-previa, and today I am proud of all the work we have done with Jesus, which allows us today to be here in Miami and to be able to enjoy such a tournament. . It is a pride to enter directly into the main draw.”

Glad to be back together

Jesus Moya: “Last year we played very well together. The decision to separate was mine. I think without disrespect to anyone that I was a little mistaken but here I am very happy to be back with Edu. We are very good friends, we get along really well off the track and on the pitch we have the same objective to improve every day. We are going to give it our all here in Miami.”

Eduardo Alonso : “It's a pretty tough game that awaits us today, but outdoors, with the sun, a bit of wind that should level things out a bit. We are not favorites on paper, but we have our chances!”

For those who would like to see the interview in its entirety (in Spanish), it's just below:

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