Multiball counts for the moment that a field of padel in indoor, but paradoxically, that does not mean that the level is not there.

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On the contrary, as the manager of the center Jean-Pierre Chevrier explains: "At the Padel Attitude (Lille) padel tournament, a team from Lille won and did not lose more than 3 games per set"

The Lille pairs are yet complicated to play and even more on their land.

The Amiens club has been in existence for more than a year and was part of this famous wave of paddle in France which allowed the current big expansion of the national padel that we observe today. He says he is "precursor". It is certain and even more in its region where it remains the only center to propose padel in Picardy.

Emmanuel Mas, development manager of the Picardie league, believes that "the padel has a bright future in Picardy". Moreover the league has affiliated this padel center and has set up the regional phases of the championships of France which begin next week, the 28 June.

With nearly 150 player who played at least once at the padel, the Multiball is part of the beautiful stables of the national padel.

In early September, there will also be the National Padel Cup, with players that the manager feels good enough to go far if they qualify for the finals.

Jean Pierre Chevrier shares his journey and his adventure to get to the padel ... Find the interview of the manager of Multiball: Jean-Pierre Chevrier.

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