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Should I change my paddle racket in winter?

The outside temperature has an influence on the behavior of your racquet on the track. Is it necessary to have a racket for the summer and a racket for the winter?

With the arrival of the cold you have certainly felt a difference in behavior of your pala. In addition to all elements that must influence the choice of a racket, climate is a factor that should not be neglected when investing in new equipment.

Just as your racket softens in the summer under the effect of heat (even to put it in the refrigerator), the cold will make it more rigid. For those who already play with a very soft racket, this should not be too much trouble and should even allow you to gain control.

However, for those who play with a hard racket, the cold should make you lose the famous "salida de bola" (this is the ability of the racket to return the ball without the player intervenes), what risks you further complicate the task in defense and on all the "reflex shots". If your stiff racket was perfect for you this summer, there is a chance that it will not suit you too much this winter ...

You could maybe enjoy Black Friday to give you a racket a little softer and therefore better adapted to winter temperatures. For those who would like to invest in a racket that provides the same sensations summer and winter, Nox Padel has thought of everything with the Stinger 2.1 and its core rubber R-21 which promises excellent performance in all temperatures.

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