Nallé Grinda, the director of WPT Miami Padel Open was able to speak with Juan Lebron and defuse the situation.

Eliminated by Lucas Campagnolo and Javi Garrido as soon as they entered the running in this Miami Padel Open, Lebron and Galan then complained on social media the attitude of the public and the organization of the tournament.

The day after the match, Juan Lebron went himself to the VIP area where he was able to discuss the situation with Nallé Grinda. The tournament director, who incidentally posted photos of him and Juan on his Instagram account last night, tells us about the exchange:

“Basically he came to spend 5 minutes and finally he stayed 4 hours! We were able to discuss and I believe that the exchange was very productive. Juan first wanted to tell us that he appreciates Wayne Boich and me as people, since we have known each other for almost 5 years and have always had a very good relationship.

He also gave us his criticisms, and we were able to discuss the incident. Finally, he realized that we only wanted one thing: to try to make known the padel more, contribute to its development and he understood that this obviously serves players like him.

Juan could also see by spending time in the VIP area that there was a superb atmosphere and that it was impossible not to make the slightest noise. He was also able to meet Dominic Thiem, with whom he shares a sponsor and with whom he immediately got along very well.

Juan Lebron Dominic Thiem WPT 2022 Miami

There is no problem with Juan Lebron and Ale Galan, we were able to chat between adults and I think they were able to see a little how it is on the other side of the fence. For our part, we are always listening to player criticism, and even if this tournament is already a success, we will obviously try to do even better next time!”

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