We speak with Nallé Grinda, Director of Blockchain.com World Padel Tour Miami Open, which gives us a little teaser before the start of the show in Florida.

An offer World Padel Tour + Concert

As we told you today, The ticketing is open, and for those who would like to enjoy the show in Miami, you will have to hurry because the attractive prices and the unique offer have already won over many fans.

"We have packages offered for the whole week. Artists are part of the ticket. In other words, people come to see the games and enjoy a concert in the evening. For between $20 and $40, you spend a day seeing the best players in padel world and in the evening you have a party with music stars! We'll have rapper Rick Ross on the 24th, Ludacris on the 25th, DJ Gianluca Vacchi on the 26th, and Wyclef from The Fugees on the 27th!”

An American show

It is simply unheard of! Matches of World Padel Tour during the day, concerts in the evening, celebrity matches, it's like being at the All Star Game of the NBA!

“Our goal is to show what can be the padel in the USA. We want to do as in the NBA or the NFL, namely to mix sport and entertainment. The Miami Open will mix the spectacle that the stars of the padel worldwide, and the American show!”

Moreover, the star basketball player of the Miami Heat, Jimmy Butler, fan of padel, will be there.

"Jimmy Butler is a true enthusiast of the discipline. He wants to get involved in this sport and take part in its development. He is convinced like many of us that it is the sport of the 21st century. He will play in the celebrity game, along with Ludacris and other personalities. "

butler world padel tour

Several star fans of the discipline are also expected, we are talking in particular about David Beckham, Eva Longoria…

Unheard of in the padel

Such a spectacle simply has no equal on the planet padel. This is made possible through large investments and hard work.

“We decided to put financial means never seen before on a tournament of padel, in order to provide a completely new show. Eventually, we would like to be able to offer more dates in the United States. We are lovers of padel, we want to offer events with the best players so that the public can enjoy a maximum of entertainment. This Miami Open will show the world what we are capable of.”

We can not wait to be there!

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