Sebastian Nerone is a living legend of padel, which even has its place in the sports museum. Trademarks meets the Argentinian player who indulges without restraint.

the last dance

“I approach 2021 with peace of mind. We still have a lot of uncertainties, although we are sure that eventually everything will be better. Now I take care of myself, I get in shape and I train a lot. ”

“In sports terms, winning as many matches as possible. This will probably be my last year as a professional and I want to enjoy every day, which I have been doing for a long time. The best of my sporting career is behind me, and this year I am facing different challenges. ”

This last sentence is opposed to the words of Bela, who is in turn convinced that the best of his career has not yet arrived.

neron padel

An impressive level in 2020

“As far as the circuit is concerned, it is a miracle and a huge effort on the part of the World Padel Tour to organize it despite all the circumstances, and that made all the players happy. ”

“On a sporting level, as I had to be a commentator, I think I saw a level of padel impressive. The padel picking up speed, it's gaining popularity in broadcasts… and you can see players like Lebron, Galan, Gemma or Alejandra, and many others, who have played a padel unbelievable."

Favorites and contenders according to Nerone expert

"I think that Lebron / Galan et Triay / Salazar can start as favorites for number 1. I see Chingotto / Tello et Sainz / Gonzalez as alternatives to strive to be the best. Also Bela / Sanyo, Lima / Tapia and the Martas ”.

" Chingotto and Tello have been together for 5 years and they must take the step they are missing. They got rid of a thorn by winning their first tournament. They know they can do it and they can stand up to any pair. It is true that then we look at Belasteguin and Sanyo or Lima and Tapia, which are designed to try to reach that position, but I think that Chingotto and Tello have a slight advantage because they have been playing together for a long time. "

“On the women's table, I think this is the year when Lucia Sainz must confirm his partner, Bea Gonzalez, which is a rough diamond and is growing by leaps and bounds. I also imagine that the Martas are going to blame it too as they got together again last year and failed to get what they expected. It will take also count on the Twins, who have an incredible competitive soul. ”

sebastian nerone sports museum madrid

Nerone commentator or Nerone coach?

“I don't think these two activities are incompatible. Although it is true that if I coached a pair that arrives in the last rounds of tournaments, I would not be able to comment because I would have some involvement. I can't imagine Zidane commenting on a Granada - Elche, and then directing a Real Madrid game. I have to think about it, and I will explore the opportunities when I retire. ”

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