We find Seba Nerone for a new episode of “La Libreta de Nerone ” du World Padel Tour. After Momo Gonzalez and Javi Rico, the Argentinian looks at his compatriots Chingotto and Tello.

The n ° 1 in the crosshairs

"In my opinion, Tello and Chingotto form a pair that has shown its ability to win tournaments. Now they have to prove and prove themselves, that they can be the n ° 1. That must be their goal, and they will get it, cause they have a winner on the bench like Gaby Reca. "

“Now it's extra pressure. They have already managed to reach semi-finals, then finals, then they won a tournament. But now you have to aim for n ° 1. The challenge is even greater. If they are working well to be the dominant pair now, they must redouble their efforts to achieve that goal. ”

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The keys of this pair

“We must try to make Tello even stronger in the baseline. We have seen a dramatic change in the way he defends. He was playing with a serenity in defense, and he's made a lot of progress on his lob. ” 

“Then we have the Chingotto that we know, the fearless, ahead of you when you aren't expecting it. These are the characteristics they will have to rely on to try to reach the first place."


Resistance favorites

“In my opinion, there is Galan and Lebron, then the 3 other pairs: Bela / Sanyo, Tapia / Lima et Tello / Chingotto. These 3 pairs each have 33% likely to dethrone Galan and Lebron if they were to lose No. 1. ”

“But a pair must have 34% to get to 100, and i think this pair is Chingotto and Tello, because they have the advantage of playing together for already the 6th anniversary. "

Source: World Padel Tour

Lorenzo Lecci López

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