After having commented on the union Bela and Sanyo, or the pair Tapia / Lima, Seba Nerone analysis for the World Padel Tour the new female pair formed by Alejandra Salazar and Gemma Triay.

“Playing with pressure”

"Those are the favorites this year. The level of play shown Gemma Triay, being the best player of the second half, and all ofAlejandra Salazar, give this pair the status of favorite. ”

“They will have the difficult task of proving it. When you are the favorite, you leave with that pressure. They work for assemble their games quickly and well start the season from the first tournament. ”

“I think if a pair like this starts the season well, then it will be very difficult to reach his level for the competitors. When the two gain confidence, they will be very difficult to beat. ”

Salazar Triay World Padel Tour 2021

“The perfect combination”

"I think that Gemma will continue with the master's degree which she showed in this second half, trying to cover a lot of ground, to be decisive with her spike - which she managed to really improve in 2020. I think his progress was really glaring when his smash got a little bit more “spiky”. ”

"If you Gemma plays with her freedom et Alejandra with this mixture of precision and power which characterizes her, especially when she goes forward with her forehand, this is the perfect combination to give an explosive pair, a winning pair. ”

According to Seba Nerone, Alejandra Salazar and Gemma Triay are therefore the big favorites of the women's circuit. But beware, the competition will be tough, with Alayeto binoculars, the Martas, and other very promising pairs, such as the one formed by Lucia Sainz (n ° 1 with Gemma last year) and Bea Gonzalez (most promising player on the circuit), or Ariana Sanchez and Paula Josemaria!

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