We knew it, theAPT Padel tour was going to announce new destinations. This morning, the new calendar does not disappoint us with many new cities!

Heading to Tenerife

The action will resume on theAPT Padel Tour from July 23 to 30 with the Tenerife Open. It's a new event that excites all the actors of the APT, on the largest island of the Canaries.

The following week, the circuit will return to Sweden for the Båstad Open.

After the tournaments in Tenerife and Båstad, another tournament is planned in Europe from August 14 to 21.

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A Latin American tour

The calendar for the second half of the year has undergone some changes with the inclusion of new tournaments and changes in some venues, where the competition will be divided between America and Europe.

After the European tour, the APT will travel to Argentina, first to Cordoba and then to Mar de Plata for the first Grand Master of the season.

For the last quarter of the year, two other Grand Masters have been announced, in Madrid (October 2-9) and Mexico City (October 24-30). Two other Open category tournaments will also be scheduled in Europe and America, in locations yet to be determined, to end the season with the Master Final the week of December 5-11.


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