Coki Nieto et Jon sanz recently won their very first title on the Premier Padel, by lifting the trophy at Bordeaux P2. This title, which should have been a good omen for the rest of the season, seems not to have brought luck to the Spaniards.

Catastrophic results in Italy

The Nieto / Sanz pair seems to be going through a period of turbulence on the main circuit. Indeed, while she had just been titled in Gironde, she lost in the first round of the Italy Major against Jairus Baptist (38) et Francisco Guerrero (52): 7/6 (6) 6/7 (2) 7/5. A poor performance which did not go unnoticed.

Italy did not succeed in Coki and Jon who also left Liguria in the round of 16, after losing to Victor Ruiz / Lucas Bergamini, one of the little surprises of the quarter-finals : 6/4 6/3. On Instagram, Jon Sanz talks about “reverse” while Coki Nieto declares: “There are days when the attitude is not there, and in those cases, you have to apologize."

We know that Sanz and Nieto are not fans of outdoor play (their trainer Maxi Grabiel neither for that matter), but are the Italian outdoor conditions enough to explain these two premature setbacks?

The sequence of tournaments

The post-Bordeaux period seems complicated for the Madrilenian and the Navarrese. Unlike the members of the Top 8, who skipped the Gironde tournament, the two players did not have a break and the organizations could begin to tire. We see the same thing with Momo Gonzalez and Alex Ruiz, who skipped the P2 in Genoa, or with Fernando Belasteguin et Juan Tello, beaten yesterday in eighth...

And no break in sight this week for Nieto and Sanz who will be present at Malaga P1, an event particularly awaited by the Spaniards since it is of the second tournament of the year in Spain !

Simple fatigue or problems within the pair? The next tournament could tell us a little more about the state of this pair. Especially with the current transfer window, we are not immune to new changes and with a certain Javi Garrido without a partner, we suspect that things might change again!

Today's program at Genova P2, it's here !

Gwenaelle Souyri

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