This is a great first in the history of the world championships of padel : There is no world champion nation of padel in gentlemen.

The usual face-to-face in the final of a world championship SPAIN vs ARGENTINA will therefore not take place at the world championships of padel 2018 in Paraguay.

If the general atmosphere was exceptional, and the Paraguayans very caring, it was not enough to forget some deficiencies in this world.

Organization to review

The 16 Argentinian and Spanish players declared together not to want to make this final because of the general organization of the competition and the terrible storm suffered last Sunday at the beginning of the afternoon. A deluge that will be the death blow for the organizers, already very criticized by the players and the nations on the spot.

The rain did not help. But the lack of communication was sorely lacking in this competition. Nations sometimes do not know precisely the times and places to go or at the last moment.

Nito Brea, the captain of Argentina Ladies' team
Nito Brea, captain of the Argentina Ladies team

Because indeed, in this world (but it is not the only one to have proposed this type of organization), the competition was divided into 2 sites. And even three, if we count the fallback site in case of rain. This multitude of sites and the problems of transport and traffic sometimes will cause great delays, misunderstandings until even this final gentlemen who will not be played.

Among the girls, it is Brazil which will forfeit against France for the 5th place following the general organization… But also following the numerous food poisonings all last week. 2 Brazilian players were already missing for 2 days. In the France group, Robin Haziza and Mai Vo will also have had some problems at this level. To the point that Robin Haziza will even have to forfeit against Argentina for this historic semi-final of the gentlemen.

But even in these dantesque conditions, France is celebrating!

The final gentlemen, could it be done?

Among the girls, we cringe, a joint press release was also published by the players of the two countries (Argentina and Spain) after the competition hoping to obtain better worlds in the future. But the girls wanted to go to the end of the competition “for the flag".

So the gentlemen could have followed the example of the ladies, but that was not the case. Is it open to criticism? Not easy. Because remember, the grounds were very wet anyway, the conditions not obvious because they were semi-indoor fields. The risk of injury could also be considered. Many players are in the running to access the Madrid Master next December. Out of the question for players to get injured 2 months from this event which is understandable.

Finally, remember, the finals were to be played in an arena in the center of Asuncion. But canceled because the site was not ready for the event.

The FIP pointed the finger

The International Federation of Padel has clearly been the target of several players and nations this week.

How did FIP accept these conditions in Paraguay?

Why didn't she do this world championship in Argentina or Brazil if Paraguay was not ready?

Why can not we do everything on the same site?

With the new president of the FIP, Luigi Carraro, there is no doubt that he will try from the start of his mandate next January to restore order in this international federation of padel criticized for its inaction for too long.

Will the FIP organize a final later?

A priori, it must be resolved, it is not possible to date. But… the situation is so incredible, that an exceptional resolution is it possible?

Between the Master of Madrid and the Resumption of World Padel Tour 2019 ... We say that, we say nothing ...

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.