A true high-end party and a new family of Padel

"The Gabachos create a surprise"


On October 15 and 16, 2016 took place the first international Greek tournament south of Athens at the Greek Padel Academy of Alimos (coastal district south of Athens). https://www.facebook.com/greekpadelacademyalimos /? ref = ts & fref = ts

Organized as a major sporting event, Christophe Andreou, the manager of the club supported by his brothers Georges and Thomas as well as the incomparable Nicolas, their father, welcomed the French Blanqué / Tecles in a high-end tournament where the smile, the friendliness , quality were the key words.

True celebration of padel, renowned players were invited like David Gutierrez ranked at "rank 60" of the WPT (world padel tour), Matias Baez "rank 120" or Nicolas Sueskun "rank 200", to give a real dimension to the competition. The brilliantly executed tournament was a success, all broadcast by camera on the more Greek channel as well as in the media and sports broadcasts.

Having experienced the event from the inside, Emmanuel Tecles says: “iI can say that I have never experienced a tournament like this in 10ans of padel. The Greek welcome has no equal, kind smile and fraternal contacts have carried us during this weekend".

He adds: “Like a family, you feel almost at home in this new Alimos club. Dynamic and well thought out, the semi covered 3 facing the restaurant presents only good moments in perspective. The reception team and Christophe's staff were on top, available, helpful and efficient."

The Andreou family also offers the practice of padel in another club on the beach with 5 pitches in a pine forest. Idyllic setting and dreamy atmosphere to indulge in "Bandejas", a club located 10 minutes further south of Alimos. https://www.facebook.com/greekpadelacademy /? fref = ts

At the sporting level, "the matches played in two normal winning sets offered longer physical confrontations, which we know less and less in France with the no ad”Tell us our French.

"The qualifying on Saturday gave us some great games with a very promising level already, some pro tennis players still present on the atp circuit also competing in the tournament".

In terms of the quarters, the next day, the rankings on paper were respected, the WPT players Gutierez Baez and Sueskun still in the race with the entry of those now called "los GABACHOS" Blanque / Tecles. The French won in the quarter quite easily against a Greek pair. However, rigor and seriousness had to be present. The first long-awaited surprise for the Gabachos was to play Gutierrez in a semi, with a less strong partner, but a fierce encounter. Against all expectations, even if D.Gutierrez played ¾ of the balls, the French responded present and won 6/3 6/4 in a “show” meeting, punctuated by cushioning, out for smash through the door or even the “ Chewingum croquette »Bastien Blanque's specialty.

The final is revealed against two confirmed players whose Baez "rank 120" associated with a homogeneous partner more than confirmed. Consistency and almost no unforced errors gave the French confidence, helping them win the opening set 6/4. Then, “the rising level had to be more aggressive to counter the return of the Spaniards ” … 5/5 in the second, a fright with some cramps for Tecles, but the French held on and managed to shorten the points, no less than 6 winning points in two games by smashes at the baseline… assessment 7 / 5

Gabachos Blanque / Tecles surprise and win the first international Greek tournament Padel Academy of Alimos. The Andreou family made this tournament more than a competition but a real celebration of Padel with family. Bringing letters of nobility to this sport. Well done and thank you

As we say below, the vamos becomes the “PAME TORA !!! "

 Photo: Nikos ZINAS

Article: Emmanuel Tecles

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.