The movements continue among professional players and the two most recent associations are: Semmler/Sanchez and Leal/Botello.

Freshly separated from Pablo Lijo, now Uri Botello has already found a replacement for the Galician. The latter is called Javi Leal and is quite simply one of the most promising players in the world. The young Andalusian will be able to take full advantage of the experience of Uri, who, if he is less visible since his knee injury contracted last season, remains a reference player, with three participations in the Master Final between 2018 and 2020.

Javi's former partner, Miguel Semmler, has also found his new partner. This is Joseda Sanchez, a player who had a good start to the season alongside the Chilean Javier Valdes. Indeed, together the two men who started in previas managed to climb three times in the main draw. With Semmler, Joseda will be able to enter the main draw directly and show what he is capable of!

At the "mercato" level, there are still a few free players: Alvaro Cepero, Pablo Lijo, Javier Valdes, Mati Diaz, Ruben Rivera, Christian Fuster... We should be entitled to some announcements soon.

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