Nox Padel offers a large number of top-level racket models for 2021. Overview of the Luxury range!

With WPT range, the Luxury range offers the flagship models of the Spanish brand. Nine palas that incorporate the latest brand technologies. The comfort of the players is privileged, since all the palas arrive with a padded wrist strap and AVS anti-vibrators!

The two models of Agustin Tapia

The AT 10 Genius

We no longer present the AT 10 Genius, the pala with which Agustin Tapia started the 2020 season. Praised by Tennis Addict, this racket is one of the most popular on the market. Versatile in particular due to its inverted teardrop shape, it incorporates the legendary HR3 foam and 12k 3D carbon on the sides.

The AT 10 Genius Arena

This is the weapon with which “the genius of Catamarca” ended the season and won the Master Final of Menorca ! Similar to the AT 10 Genius by its shape and the materials used, it is distinguished by its new granular paint which incorporates silica. She has conquered the tester Stéphane Penso !

Nox AT10 Luxury Genius Arena

The ML10

In addition to ML 10 Pro Cup we all know, Nox offers a Luxury range dedicated to Miguel Lamperti, composed of three models.

ML 10 Bahia

This is the racket with which we saw the Argentinian finish the 2020 season. A versatile pala, in the shape of a drop of water, which incorporates the HR3 foam so dear to Miguel Lamperti, covered with aluminized 12k carbon! A pala that will appeal to the greatest number and that has already ravi Stéphane Penso !

Nox ML10 Bahia Luxury

The ML 10 Perto

It is the round version of the Bahia. It incorporates the same materials and technologies, in a round shape, for maximum maneuverability and control!

Nox Padel ML10 Perto

The ML 10 Shotgun

Always the same technologies, but this time in a diamond format, for more power!

Nox Padel ML10 Shotgun Luxury

The palas of the Alayeto twins

Majo Alayeto's MJ10

This is Majo's first signature racquet from Nox. For this aggressive left-wing player, of course, a diamond-shaped pala was needed. It incorporates 12k 3D carbon for more power and spin. Inside we find a brand new foam: the Multi Layered Black Eva, which brings a great ball exit!

Nox Luxury MJ10

Mapi Alayeto's MP10

A powerful right-wing player, Mapi has a round-shaped pala, for more maneuverability, but which does not lack power when it comes to finishing, thanks to her combination of HR3 foam / Rough 3K carbon!

Nox MP10 Luxury Mapi Alayeto

The Luxury Titanium

Two palas, intended for attackers who are above all looking for efficiency on high balls.

Luxury Titanium 18K

It is the most focused power pala in the range. Diamond shape, HR3 foam and smooth 18K carbon on the sides, for maximum efficiency on aggressive smashes and volleys!

Nox Luxury Titanium 18K

Luxury Titanium 3K

Slightly more flexible than its big sister the Titanium 18K, this 3K Titanium, still in the shape of a diamond, has a rough finish. On the program, a little less power but a little more comfort and efficiency on the effects!

Nox Luxury Titanium 3K

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