Nox padel exceeds a figure never known for brands of padel. 100 fans, this is the figure reached for the only social network Instagram.

It was never a goal in itself, but the news is so important it deserves to be highlighted. Nox, the brand of Tapia, Lamperti and the Alayeto binoculars, interests, attracts and retains Instagram fans.

For this event, and to warmly thank all these people, the brand decides to offer equipment. So if you haven't yet subscribed to Nox's Instagram page, This is where it happens.

Social networks: the necessary step

We all know that today, being active on social networks allows you to have visibility with aficionados and therefore future customers. Nox knows it well and exceeds, all social networks combined, the 250 subscribers! An incredible figure that will continue to increase because Nox remains a sponsor of World Padel Tour, and also because Nox widens its field of action by creating a Tik Tok account.

Tik Tok is not just for teenagers. According to a study, in Spain, 60% of Tik Tok users are people over 25 years old.

So if you like Nox and the many franchised players, subscribe, like, share and comment.

Miguel Lamperti offers his T-shirt

Agustín Tapia offers his signed T-shirt

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