Nox unveils the palas of Tino Libaak and Leo Augsburger

Leo Augsburger and Tino Libaak embody the future of padel global and Nox understood this well by creating a signature racket each, belonging to the range Future Series : the LA10 24 and the TL10 24.

For the moment, the Spanish brand has not given too many details concerning these two palas which will be available for sale soon.

We know that both inherit the legendary HR3 rubber, 12K aluminized carbon on the faces and a brand new bridge.

Powerful left player, Leo Augsburger will obviously have a diamond-shaped racket.

Tino Libaak, who has more of an offensive profile for a right-wing player, will be entitled to a drop shape.

While waiting to learn more about these palas, discover how Tino lived his experience in the Nox studios!

Published by
Xan Tafernaberry