Nox Padel has launched a new spot for its new advertising campaign: “And you, who are you going with? »Compared to the # ML10 and # AT10 rackets which will be used by Miguel Lamperti and Augustin Tapia respectively.

If you choose Miguel Lamperti

If your game resembles the graying NOX player, you must buy the ML10 Luxury Titanium L.5 or the ML10 Pro Cup, both rackets that will be used by the player in 2019

The ML 10 Luxury Titanium L.5

If you are looking for a very comfortable racket, you must choose it. Diamond-shaped, it is composed of carbon braided 3K on the faces, and HRS Core + high density EVA rubber in its core. The frame is also made of 3K carbon.

The sides of the rackets have a roughness that will help you get more than effective results at each of your strikes. The mark provides a longer sleeve length to better grip the racket.

The ML10 Pro Cup

Miguel Lamperti's racket is one of the best-selling rackets on the market, and developed for the first time with the help of the player. A priori, the control is little more present but it will depend on the weight of the racket because remember it is the racket Miguel, a racket for attackers.

The brand recognizes it on its own website. The ML10 Pro Cup is about the same racket as the 2018, but with a new design in its aesthetic. As they say, "if it works, why should we change it? "

If you choose Augustin Tapia

However, if you want to use the same rackets as those promised to the young Argentinean, you should buy the AT10 Gold model or the AT10 Pro Cup Carbon.

The AT10 Gold

One of the two rackets worn by the young Argentinean promise. This round racket has a large striking area with which you can perform your strikes accurately, without leaving the power aside thanks to HR3 rubber technology.

In addition, the racket has a vibration absorption system when you hit the ball outside the impact zone.

If you think your game is like Tapia's, take some time to try this model of elegance.

The AT10 Pro Cup Carbon

It's based on the best-selling NOX racket, Miguel's ML10 Pro Cup. Both models share the same technologies, although the youngster's racquet face material is made of 18K carbon fiber, giving it a stiffer, drier feel.

This model is also round, and although it's a pala for players looking to control the ball, the HR3 allows you to give maximum power.

Its design is very attractive with a background of gray and black squares with red and gold touches.

In short, a racket to feel in your hands the feelings of a player like Augustin Tapia.

Alexis Dutour

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