On May 22, the second edition of the Best Padel Awards took place during the Padel World Summit in Malaga, the benchmark event for professionals in padel. Testea Padel, supported by the Biomechanics Institute (IBV) and the ai2 Institute, has announced the winners of its 8 categories: 5 concerning rackets, 3 concerning shoes.

Nox won the most first prizes, with 3 victories in the 8 categories. Here are the awarded products:

ML10 PRO CUP Luxury 2024: best hybrid control racket

Miguel Lamperti's racket received the “Best Hybrid Control Racket” award for the second year in a row.

ML10 Luxury BAHIA 12K 2024: best control racket

Another racquet from Miguel Lamperti's collection, the ML10 Luxury BAHIA 12K 2024, was named "Best Control Racquet". This distinction makes it the ideal racket for players seeking precision, safety and comfort on the court.

AT10 LUX Padel Shoes: best shoe in the power category

The AT10 Lux shoe range was awarded the “Best Power Shoe” award. Laboratory studies have shown that this shoe offers the best energy return during momentum, providing a significant advantage during jumps and starts, especially on slippery surfaces. The measurements were based on mechanical tests of energy return and longitudinal friction.