NXperience is NXPadel’s latest innovation consisting in a pre-assembled padel court that can be installed by hand in just a few hours and brought to all events in a practical container that doubles as a pro-shop.

For the past few years, mobile padel courts have undoubtedly been an overpowering solution in the market given their adaptability to temporary and seasonal settings, and a far more simplified bureaucratic process than traditional padel courts.

In fact, it is not surprising that today almost all padel court manufacturers have created their own line of mobile padel courts in order to position their technologies in an ever-changing market.

However, there is another context that we have not yet mentioned that is proving to be increasingly perfect for hosting mobile padel courts: we are talking about events in which padel has been finding a place in recent years thanks to the great attraction it generates in audiences of all ages. However, a context, that of events, which differs from all others for at least three main reasons:

  • It has a limited duration that can range between 1 and 7 days
  • They are often itinerant and move from city to city
  • It needs an additional element to give value to the experience

These three assumptions, thus fueled the need to streamline the installation phase even more, so that it was fully functional for the event market, making it even faster and more optimized, and creating a portable court in the true sense of the word.

The revolutionary idea, once again, could only come from NXPadel, Italian manufacturers of Fiberglass Padel Courts who in the space of two years have totally changed the rules of the game by twisting every component of the court to ensure new and unprecedented benefits for all stakeholders involved.

It is called NXperience, a name that already hints at the goals of this product and inevitably creates a strong link with the context of events and a new way of experiencing them through a 360-degree experience.

What does it consist of, then?

In NXperience, two different realities coexist within the same solution in order to create a totally new way to make padel come alive during an event: the padel court on one side and the container that transports it on the other but, as you are about to see, it is not just any padel court nor is it just any container.


The field of padel portable for events

The chosen model could only be the N1A equipped with Fiberglass structure, ComfortGlass and ZeroS with Sos system to ensure the best in all aspects: playability, maintenance and installation. Nothing different from their classic mobile courts for the moment, but it is in installation (and uninstallation) that this court becomes portable in the true sense of the word.

Much of the structure, in fact, is delivered inside the container already pre-assembled to ensure even faster and more optimized assembly, but above all so that unloading can be done completely by hand and without the use of any machinery.

The idea behind this court is precisely to make the whole process as smooth, fast and versatile as possible for any kind of event: by choosing NXperience, your padel court arrives already partially assembled inside the container, you install it in a few hours and when the event is over you reload it inside the container, ready for the next destination. Simple, fast, brilliant!


The NXperience Container

Here we come to the other big star of NXperience: the Container, which as we mentioned above, will be what will allow the padel court to travel from event to event managing to perfectly contain its entire pre-assembled court structure. But that is not all !

Its function, in fact, is not reduced to the simple purpose of transporting the court, but becomes an essential part of the event.

The NXperience Container, in fact, once it is emptied from the mobile court, is able to transform itself within seconds into a dedicated padel pro-shop, but it will be up to its owner to decide its exact purpose.

NXperience Container is equipped with an intelligent system of folding shelves and racks that in a few instants compose the entire sales layout of the store, which will be possible to customizable the interior according to one's taste.

To this could not miss the possibility of requesting all the items to be displayed and sold during the event, branded NXPadel: rackets, balls, game kits, water bottles, towels and much more.

It is worth concluding by saying that NXperience, certainly represents an extraordinary and unprecedented solution,but that without technologies such as the Fiberglass structure, ComfortGlass and ZeroS, this would not have been possible, or at least it would have been much more complex: being able to rely on the lightness of these components, the versatility and speed of installation, the small amount of space they take up inside the container, not to mention all the benefits they also offer players and event organisers was vital to the success of this project.

Download the official brochure for free clicking : here.

What can we say? A truly mind-blowing job that we are sure will mark another step forward in the development of padel, which as we can see every day, is proving to have all the makings to carve out a leading role for itself in the events industry.

Are you ready to enjoy padel anywhere, anytime with NXperience ?