A new pair split up after Lima / Tapia and Bela / Sanyo. It is the turn of Lucas Bergamini and Lucas Campagnolo to announce the end of their adventure. They will no longer share the track together.

The announcement is very recent and it was made, as very often, on their Social networks respective. The Lucas, who got back together at the start of the season, separate again.

Bergamini / Campagnolo ended in the WPT Padel

This carefully considered move was precipitated by the pair's disappointing results. Rather brilliant on the Challenger circuit with in particular a final and a semi-final, they did not perform well enough on the Opens and Masters.

Indeed, in the last tournaments it is mainly in the 8th finals that the tournament stops (6 times), or even in the 16th!

We do not yet know the identity of their new partners for the rest of the season.

Alexis Dutour

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