Pablo Lima comes from announce it on his Instagram account, he played his last tournament in Lugo alongside Agustin Tapia.

Right after the announcement of the separation between Sanyo Gutiérrez and Fernando Belasteguin, here it is Pablo Lima and Agustin Tapia who put an end to their adventure. Lugo is therefore the last tournament where we will see these pairs evolve, who together have won 5 of the 12 tournaments played this season.

If we believe the Brazilian, it would be Agustin Tapia who would be at the origin of this separation. The rumor of a new Gutiérrez / Tapia association therefore takes on a little more scale.

Pablo Lima must therefore find a new partner. If we bet on Belasteguin / Coello and Gutiérrez / Tapia pairs, we end up with Pablo Lima and Javi Ruiz available. Are they just going to come together or are we headed for a new wave of change?

We should know more very soon ...

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