Agustin Tapia has just announced on social networks, he will share the track with Pablo Lima in 2021 on the World Padel Tour !

We suspected it very very strongly for a while, the information is now official : Pablo Lima and Agustin Tapia will be together next season on the World Padel Tour.

So that means that Agustin Tapia, who felt a bit limited on the right, will iron to the left, where he can increase his influence over the game. After Belasteguin, the Argentinian will be able to continue his apprenticeship, alongside another legend of padel.

The one who comes from to win the Final Master with flying colors, will obviously want more next season. Pablo Lima meanwhile, will seek to find the summits, after a somewhat difficult season, which he could not finish due to a calf injury, and during which he will have had the Covid-19 ...

The Brazilian, who only won one title in 2020, should arrive very well at the start of the season, so we will have to be very wary of this pair, which will undoubtedly be part of the 5 best associations on the World Padel Tour !


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