We have been waiting for several days, Arturo Coello and Fernando Belasteguin have formalized their union on the World Pádel Tour.

After Tapia / Sanyo and Lima / Ruiz, it is the turn of Arturo Coello and Fernando Belasteguin to announce their new association on the World Padel Tour.

19-year-old Arturo Coello is certainly the biggest hope of the padel global. Already 17th in the WPT standings, he is set to touch the summits in the coming years. In his ascent, he will be able to fully benefit from the experience of legend Fernando Belasteguin.

Despite his 42 years, Bela remains one of the best players on the circuit, as evidenced by his 3 titles this season alongside Sanyo. A little in difficulty since his return from injury, he will find the configuration that has been most successful for him throughout his career. Excellent in a role of worker with Juan Martin Diaz then Pablo Lima, he should return to this role and fully benefit from the firepower and the legs of the 1m90 left-hander.

Note that Bela did not choose the easy way since by teaming up with Coello, he left his place among the top 4 seeds and will therefore have to start each time from 1 / 16th. To make such a decision, he really had to like the profile of young Arturo.

The new Belasteguin / Coello pair clearly has everything to seduce on paper. Will it have something to do with the Menorca Open which starts next week?

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