Franco Stupaczuk has just announced on Instagram what we have already known for several hours: the Superpibes separate.

After a year 2023 which saw them show great consistency and assert themselves as number 2 behind Coello and Tapia, Di Nenno and Stupaczuk hoped to be able to continue their momentum this year. But unfortunately for them, with only a final in 2024, the Superpibes are unable to play the very leading roles. With eight semi-finals, Martin and Franco of course remain top players but they struggle to compete with the two pairs who currently dominate the padel world: Coello / Tapia and Galan / Chingotto.

In this context, we understand that Martin Di Nenno wanted to bet on another player (Juan LeBron in all likelihood) to try to fight again for first place. Obviously, Stupa doesn’t blame him: “I totally respect your decision, “Tincho”, and I wish you the best.”

We should soon know the name of Franco Stupaczuk's future partner. Who do you think it is?

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