It's official, Jonas Björkman becomes the new captain of the Swedish national team of padel, he will form a trident with Andréas Johansson and Mari Andersson.

Jonas Björkman Wilson padel

A new team

This is moving at the level of the Swedish Association of padel : sensed for a while, Jonas Björkman becomes new captain of the men's national team. For its part, Andréas Johansson gets a new role and becomes national team coach for both men's and women's teams - as well as captain of the national junior team. It will therefore form an important link between young people and seniors!

Calle Akesson, director of operations for the Swedish Association of padel looks back at this new organization: ”We are very happy and proud to be able now to present Jonas Björkman as the new national team captain for the men's national team and Andréas Johansson as National Team Coach and National Team Captain for the National Junior Team. With Jonas Björkman, Husband Andersson (captain of the women's national team) and Andréas Johansson, we get top-class national team management. We welcome them to the Swedish Association of padel and look forward to the upcoming championships"

Un Motivated Björkman

For its part, Jonas Björkman seems very motivated to be able to work with the former manager: “The positive response from all the players was a deciding factor in my decision, but also the fact that I manage to have Andréas Johansson with me as coach of the national team. Andréas has a long experience as a coach, works daily with the padel Swedish and we both share points of view and values ​​and I can't wait for us to work together! ”

He intends to bring all his experience as a former high level tennis player: “I hope I can contribute to the players, among other things, by sharing my own experiences of major leagues, important games and national team games. Personally, I love team play and being able to represent Sweden in Davis Cup was one of my biggest childhood dreams. When I look back on my career, the victories with my teammates in the Davis Cup team are certainly among the best moments. It's incredibly fun that there are so many exciting things going on around the padel Swedish and its development at elite and amateur level! I am very proud to be part of this development. ”


source: Padelfever

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