In a few years, the west of Paris has acquired many Parisian padel clubs, to the point of becoming one of the French locomotives with on board players who are part of the French top.

The list of clubs is not always complete. But these are all the returns and info from our partners (

The Forest Hill of Marne la Coquette

12 hectares of nature at the gates of Paris with covered and heated padel courts. It is also a club of 17 fitness tennis courts, a cardio area… In short, a Forel Hill as we like it.

The Pyramids Club

It is one of the largest sports centers in Europe with 7 padel courts, 2 of which are semi-indoor. It is also the first center in the Paris region to have launched padel over 10 years ago…

US Pecq Tennis Padel

Le Pecq also offers 2 outdoor padel courts. The club plans to offer other services around the padel during 2020 / 2021. Case to follow.

Padel / Tennis Club of Bailly-Noisy

2 hectares of greenery and above all 2 padel courts managed by the great Yann Auradou.

The Padel Club

The Padel Club has a special place in western Paris. He is one of the pioneers of padel centers with 6 indoor padel courts. A 100% padel club which has launched many players including the Maigret brothers.

Tennis / Padel Club des Loges - Saint Germain en Laye

Camps des Loges is a site known to be the training center for the PSG football team. The tennis club / Padel des Loges also offers 2 padel courts.

AS Mantaise

A very beautiful tennis and padel club. The club offers 2 padel courts. One of the strongholds of the great Benjamin Tison and Frédéric Pommier.

It's a bit far from the west of Paris… But for fans, here are two other clubs in the Eure department:

Tennis Padel Club Vernon

TC Vernon offers 2 outdoor padel courts. A dynamic club which wants to make a place in the world of padel.

ALM Evreux Tennis and Padel

ALM Evreux offers an outdoor padel court. Evreux wishes to develop in padel. Another piece of land is not unthinkable.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.