Belasteguin's calf injury postponed the big debut of the pair formed by the “Boss” and Juan Tello.

The Argentinians, who were to begin their adventure together in Belgium, were forced to delay their premiere.

Fortunately, the wait was ultimately short-lived for the players, as the Pehuajo native and “El Gato” are expected to play their very first match together this Wednesday. Unfortunately, this is not yet certain, since the rain is disrupting the Programs established in Andalusia.

Normally, the matches will resume at 13:00 p.m., and Bela and Tello will be able to take their first steps together this afternoon, on track 2, against Juan Cruz Belluati and Miguel Lamperti. This 100% Argentinian clash will take place just after the 13:00 p.m. match, which pits Goenaga / Zapata against Santigosa / Sanchez Chamero.

So probably meet around 15:00 p.m. to follow the great debut of the Belasteguin / Tello pair. We leave you the link to follow the meeting HERE.

Everything you need to know about Wednesday:

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