Internships padel are becoming more and more fashionable. Many organizations are embarking on this adventure and the offers are more and more complete. There is something for every taste.

First of all, you can do these internships in France or Spain. Clubs padel and organizations can sometimes offer you complete packages to offer you internships padel. In general, the specialized organizations offer more complete formulas (and therefore sometimes more expensive), these are the “turnkey internship” formulas.

Then the level: Here too, you will have the possibility to go with friends or join a group of players from padel. Describe your level to avoid being in a group that is too strong or too weak.

The cost: There is for all the scholarships. It will also depend on your degree of requirements. And where you want to go. You will generally see that price differences are always explained because in general all operators work the same way. It's the content that differs. (with or without lodging, with or without means of locomotion, 2h of internships or 5h of internships, etc.)

The internship directory padel

No need to present this page dedicated to training and internships padel in France or abroad. We hope that this is your bible for you to improve your skills in padel while having a good time off the pitch.

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Internships padel in France

2 possibilities: Some clubs padel in France sometimes offer internships padel. The Club padel du Mas in Perpignan has become a benchmark in the industry and was one of the pioneers in France in this niche. Tennis Padel Sun also with its stars of Monte Carlo International Sports such as Gaby Reca and its academy or the Fox's Center with its youth academy ...

Training organizations also offer internships padel. These are most often refresher courses or internships whose objective is to train for teaching in France.

Padel Tennis Academy

France Padel Pro

Internships padel in Europe (and especially in Spain!)

A word of advice: You don't want to have any problems there, go through these organizations specializing in stays abroad. The advantage of these organizations: They know the padel and offer all-inclusive packages.

One of the pioneers in this sector is Oui Sport Spirit. An organization specializing in tennis and padel on Barcelona.

How not to talk about one of the masters of the internship padel : Pierre Lamouré and, your favorite technical columnist. He often makes us dream of his Malaga club.

Madrid Padel Days has become an institution. Every year, internships padel are offered in Madrid with professional coaches.

La Toupie Bleue is an Atout France certified organization. It is a specialist in sports internship offers in the south of France and Tenerife. All-inclusive packages are available.

Why us? Padel Barcelona: Internships padel in Barcelona

Upadel. Net

MADRID PADEL DAYS: Internships and training

La Toupie Bleue : Internship specialist padel

Our best French players offer us internships padel

Some French players also offer training courses padel as Julie Derrough / Laura Clergue in Madrid, Robin Haziza and Jérémy Scatena in Barcelona, ​​Kristina Clément as at the Padel Club de Bois d'Arcy or Padel Attitude, or even Patrick Fouquet between Tennis Club Roquettan and Barcelona. All internship offers are published here:

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.