This Sunday, Jérémy Garcia and Pierre Perez Le Tiec did not do well: they won at the end of a one-sided final (6/2 – 6/1), against Yanis Muesser and Jérémy Macchi, at P1000 from Créteil.

Everything had started well for Strasbourg and Messin, with a break at 2/1 on a shutout, but behind, a long slump saw Jérémy Garcia and Pierre Perez Le Tiec unblock and go all out to win the five following games.

The Alsatian and the Lorraine are really struggling, they endure five more games without being able to react. Trailing 6/2 5/0, Yannis and Jérémy do not admit defeat. They will return to 5/1 then get 10 break points in the next game. But after 17 minutes of interminable play and five match points saved, Jérémy and Pierre logically triumphed over their opponents in 1h05. The awakening of Muesser/Macchi will clearly have come too late…

The duo won their second P1000 together after that of Le Mans in February. This is the third coronation for Perez Le Tiec (Le Mans, Montreuil, Créteil) and the fourth for Garcia (Le Mans, Troyes, Rouen, Créteil), who becomes the only Frenchman with so many P1000s this season.

Thanks to Vincent Gallié for the report.

Final stats Créteil 2024 1
Final stats Créteil 2024 2
Final stats Créteil 2024 3

The finale can be rewatched below:

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