The two semi-finals of the day delivered their verdict. We know the identity of the doubles who will compete for the title…

Yanis Muesser and Jérémy Macchi on forceps

The two acolytes had to keep a cool head to win.
Quickly in front from the start of the match, the duo showed themselves to be solid, taking advantage of the few inaccuracies of Pillon and Auradou (6/4).

In the second set, Macchi and Muesser had the opportunity to break at 2/2. A missed opportunity which, behind, will smile on Lucas and Yann, who then lead 4/2. Yanis and Jérémy will have several opportunities to unblock, but in vain. Auradou and Pillon resist and return to a set everywhere.

The third round is one-sided, as Muesser and Macchi put on the intensity. Yann and Lucas save five break points but end up breaking at 3/2. The players from the Grand Est win the game 6/4 – 3/6 – 6/2.

Jérémy Garcia and Pierre Perez Le Tiec turn the tide

On the other side of the table, Garcia and Perez Le Tiec defeated Rubio/Dizy. After conceding the first set, the favorites recovered well and reignited the suspense. More precise and more enterprising than their opponents, they then finished with a bang. Victory 4/6 – 6/2 – 6/2.

Who will lift the trophy in Créteil? Response at 14 p.m.…

Thanks to Vincent Gallié for the report.

It was through his father that Auxence discovered the padel, one evening in June 2018. Today, he passionately follows the international circuit and teases the pala in his training club, Toulouse Padel Club. You can also find it on La Feuille de Match and, two specialist media on Toulouse Football Club.