When Léa Godallier and Alix Collombon are not there, the bosses in France are Élodie Invernon and Charlotte Soubrié. They showed it again this weekend with a victory in the final of the P1000 100% feminine which took place at the Big Padel Bordeaux .

But in the final, the vice-champions of France were to say the least jostled by the surprise pair of the tournament: Vo/Garcia. If the level of Mai Vo, player of the French team for several years, is no longer to be proven, we did not think that Manon Garcia, former 1103 at the WTA, could, with only two tournaments of padel in the legs, to compete with internationals.

However, the tenniswoman, in a style all her own, mistreated all the players who found themselves in her diagonal this weekend! So much so that she and Mai led a set to zero in the final, before the Invernon / Soubrie pair moved up a gear to win the title: 2/6 6/2 6/0. After 4Padel Colomiers, Élodie and Charlotte win a new P1000!

In the small final, Marianne Vandaele and Fiona Ligi dominated the Detriviére/Phaysouphanh pair.

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