Quentin Ayuso et Yanis Muesser are required, at P1000 Jean Lain Audi Grenoble, after having perfectly maneuvered their final against Norman Sanchez et François Authier. Two sets and a little over an hour for the Ayuso/Muesser pair who brought down the 1st seed.

We expected a close match between these two teams for the final of the P1000 in Grenoble. However, Norman Sanchez and François Authier seem to be doing a false start in this match, getting broken very early in the game. Opposite, Quentin Ayuso and Yanis Muesser are surprising, making almost no mistakes, with the exception of one game where the southern player commits three unforced errors…and yet, the game still goes to Quentin Ayuso and Yanis Muesser.

This is why, in just 23 minutes, the 2 seed already leads 6/2 in this meeting.

At the start of the second set, we feared that the match would be quick, with Quentin and Yanis already leading 3/0 on the scoreboard. However, a small tactical change from François and Norman will sow doubt in the heads of their adversaries. Indeed, François, who started his match on the right, changed sides to play on the left, with Norman taking his place on the right.

This small change will cause a turning point in this second set since Quentin and Yanis will be broken for the first time in this match, whilewe imagined them almost untouchable. However, François and Norman are unable to recover another service game from their opponents, although they do not lose theirs.

The match therefore goes to a decisive tie-break and, in a last effort, Quentin and Yanis will totally fly over it, to go and get the title in Grenoble.

Final score: 6 / 2 7 / 6.

Final stats P1000 Grenoble
Gwenaelle Souyri

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