The P1000 from Kaz A Padel is in full swing on Reunion Island. Eight pairs are still in the race to lift the cup.

Simon Wagner and Baptiste Moura (TS2) held their place against Guiraud / Bruandet (6/2, 7/5). They will face Alexis Capony and Valéry Bouteleux (Photo).

Simon Lafare and Baptiste Maitre produced a great performance by dismissing Sarrat / Romeo, the 4th seed (6/1, 6/4). Now time for a 100% Reunion duel against Raoul Teroy and Joan Fede.

Everything is also going well for the TS3 Pichon de Bury / Teyssedre, which quietly won (6/0, 6/0) in the previous round. The two men challenge Christopher Verdura and Lucas Cohen Bacrie.

Same story for Benjamin Grue and Yanis Muesser, the tournament favorites. After their overwhelming victory against Sarrat / Louis Blasquez (6/1, 6/0), they will cross swords with Silvain Moreau and Romain Gutstein.

Quarter posters:

Wagner / Moura – Capony / Bouteleux

Iafare / Maitre – Teroy / Fede

Pichon de Bury / Teyssedre – Verdura / Cohen Bacrie

Crane / Muesser – Moreau / Gutstein

The live quarters (Padel MagTV) :

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