We offer you a small retrospective of the quarter-finals which were held today within the three P1000s taking place simultaneously this weekend.

P1000 Set Padel Narbonne

In Narbonne, the favorites will be there for the semi-finals. Loïc Le Panse and Quentin Ayuso overpowered Ludovic Cancel and Thierry Malacamp 6/4 – 6/3. They will face Benjamin Grué – finalist of the P2000 of Caen – and Alexis Coulombeau, scorers of Cyril Gaillard and Thomas Vanbauce 7/6 – 6/3.

The match not to be missed this afternoon saw the pairs Toppin/Hue and Trancart/Perez oppose each other. Better ranked, the latter fought to overcome a handicap of one set and win in three rounds: 6/7 – 7/6 – 6/2. The third seeds in the table will have to challenge Thibaud Pech and Norman Sanchez, victorious from Thomas Cazès and Jean-Noël Insausti 6/4 – 6/4.

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P1000 4PADEL Créteil

The two main headliners easily held their place. Jérémy Garcia and Pierre Perez Le Tiec eliminated Charles Gortzounian and Clément Filho 6/3 – 6/2. In the other part of the table, Yanis Muesser and Jérémy Macchi disposed of Léo Benmergui and Thibault De Galbert in two sets as well: 6/4 – 6/3. The players from the Grand Est will cross swords in the semi-final with Yann Auradou and Lucas Pillon who put an end to the good run of Paul Dornberger and Benjamin Dufour 6/4 – 6/3.

Just like in Narbonne, the spectacle was there during the last quarter-final between Couturier/Guy de Chamisso and Rubio/Dizy. The seven seeds almost took the door, saving a match point at 6-5 in the tie-break of the third set. They ended up getting through it after the suspense: 7/6 – 3/6 – 7/6. Raphaël Rubio and Alexandre Dizy will meet Garcia/Perez Le Tiec in the semi-final.

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P1000 Big Padel

On the Bordeaux side, three of the four favorites obtained their ticket for the semi-finals. The little surprise came from Elisa Guiraud and Anna Houareau who offered themselves the scalps of Jennifer Denecheau and Marie Lefevre. They will have to repeat this feat in the semi-final against Marie Boura and Alexia Dechaume, victorious over Voyer/Lambert.

On the other side of the table, Melissa Martin and Amélie Detrivière did the job in the quarter-finals to defeat the Authenac/Guerinet pair. The tournament favorites will face Manon Marcarie and Cassandra Senjean, winners of Le Testu/Cadel.

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