This weekend a P1000 was played at Padel Arena, and if you followed the competition on Padel MagTV, you know that Morgan Mannarino and Jérémy Garcia won the competition.

The two men who were popular with the public did not leave the slightest set on the road. Morgan Mannarino, who won his second P1000 of the season there (in addition to the “P6000” from Reunion) tells us about this successful tournament: “This first experience with Jérémy in his club was a pleasure both safe and outside the club. We were very well received.

Sportingly, after the first two rounds where we got our bearings, we had two very good matches. In the semi-final (against Fourré / Dandois), our opponents did not get into the game too much (we surely had something to do with it) and in the final (against Brouillard / Destombes) we won the important points which made the score was tough but we played well and got along well on the pitch.”

Next deadline, the P2000 of PadelShot Caen with Matthieu Armagnac for Morgan, and with Yanis Muesser for Jérémy who won his third P1000 of 2024 this weekend.

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