Marie Boura et Deborah Alquier will not have succeeded in creating a surprise in this final of the P1000 Cupra at TC Pau face Nada Majdoubi et Laurine Bergaud. In a meeting where each pair ended up gaining the upper hand at one point or another, it was ultimately the best ranked who won.

A very important point of this final is the conversion rate of break points obtained by each team. On the one hand, we have a Boura / Alquier duo which transformed 100% of these break opportunities (3/3) and a Majdoubi / Bergaud pair which converted some 87,5% (7/8). A very good ratio from both teams but this proves that it was very difficult for the 2nd seed to hold his serve!

However, in both sets, Déborah Alquier and Marie Boura were the first to make the break. However, each time they were caught up by the 1st seed who knew how to find the keys to not fall behind in the score... and above all to achieve 7 breaks in this match!

The physical dimension had a crucial role in this meeting because, in the second set, we could see a drop in speed on the part of the Alquier / Boura duo who, after having broken in the first game, lost track of the set again.

Logical victory for Nada Majdoubi and Laurine Bergaud, in 1h12, 6 / 3 6 / 2.

Final stats P1000 TC Pau

In the small final, opponent Cassandra Senjean / Manon Marcarie à Peggy Maignien / Jennifer Denecheau, victory for Bordelaises, after having saved three match points at 5/2 in the third set and having offered themselves a very nice remontada.

Gwenaelle Souyri

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