Maxime Forcin et Nicolas Rouanet put an end to the wonderful adventure of Charles Gortzounian et Olivier Guy de Chamisso, in the final of P1000 Breizh Padel. The 1st seed of the tournament was not surprised by the outsiders and handled their meeting perfectly.

The Forcin / Rouanet pair only needed 56 minutes to put an end to hopes de Gortzounian / Guy de Chamisso, full of confidence after defeating the 2 seed earlier in the day.

However, against the favorites of the match, the young players had great difficulty imposing their game on the central court and disturbing the 1st seed. Charles and Olivier conceded five breaks throughout this final... only stealing their opponents' serve once.

Obviously, in the score, this is felt. 6/3 in the first round in 25 minutes and 6/2 in 30 minutes in the second set.

Victory for the 1st seed of the tournament and second title in a row for Nicolas Rouanet, after his victory last week at P1000 Casa Padel alongside Philémon Raichman.

For Charles Gortzounian and Olivier Guy de Chamisso, this does not work. However, the two players are still getting a little closer to a first title in P1000. They were competing in a final on a P1000 for the first time!

Final statistics P1000 Breizh Padel
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