Charles Gortzounian et Olivier Guy de Chamisso confirm and sign the surprise of the day by removing the 2 seed from the tournament, Matthieu Armagnac / Morgan Mannarino. They meet in the final of this P1000 Breizh Padel, the second consecutive final for Charles Gortzounian after that in Casa Padel.

Charles Gortzounian and Olivier Guy de Chamisso surprised by their regularity et the few mistakes that they committed throughout this meeting. Opposite, Matthieu Armagnac and Morgan Mannarino did not seem at their best and had a hard time getting into this match.

In the score, this was felt and the Gortzounian / Guy de Chamisso sensation continues its journey: 6 / 2 6 / 3.

His opponent will be none other than the 1st seed of this P1000, Maxime Forcin et Nicolas Rouanet. The two players met Paul Forichon et Adrian Dandois. The favorites of this meeting logically won in this semi-final, after dominating the debates in both sets.

Victory 6/2 6/4 in just over an hour for Maxime Forcin and Nicolas Rouanet, who will try to win the title this afternoon against Gortzounian / Guy de Chamisso.

You can follow this unique final on Padel MagTV with, in the comments, Marie-Amélie Dardaine! Start of broadcast at 14h :
Gwenaelle Souyri

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