We finally know the poster for the final of this P1000 Jean Lain Audi Grenoble, at the end of two big, very indecisive semi-finals in Isère. Indeed, the two matches lasted more than two hours and ended with a third set. In the end, it is François Authier et Norman Sanchez (TS1), as well as Quentin Ayuso et Yanis Muesser (TS2) who qualified!

Authier/Sanchez, with forceps

François Authier and Norman Sanchez somewhat missed their start against Florian Hue et Lilian Foure. Indeed, the 1st seed suffered the lightning of his opponents in the first round, being inflicted with a 6/1 very expeditious.

Fortunately, the Authier/Sanchez duo woke up in the second set and were finally able to respond to the attacks of their opponents, even going so far as to return to a set throughout in this match: 6/2.

The third set was clinched but a very quick break by François and Norman cost Florian and Lilian the match. Despite a sketch of remontada (and a break), the 4 seed ended up losing: 1/6 6/2 6/4.

Quentin Ayuso / Yanis Muesser, mentally

Another big poster of this P1000, the meeting between Quentin Ayuso / Yanis Muesser (TS2) against Thomas Seux / Nathan Courrin (TS3). It was Nathan and Thomas who made the best start in this meeting. They pocketed the first set and sowed doubt among Quentin and Yanis, favorites on paper.

The good response from the 2 seed in the second set, who did not want to be left behind and offer the final to his opponents. Consequently, Quentin Ayuso and Yanis Muesser returned to this match, coming back to a set everywhere: 6/4.

The third set was particularly contested and logically went to a tie-break. Unfortunately, Nathan and Thomas were unable to regain the level they had in the first round and above all let too many opportunities slip away in this match. They ended up losing 7/6 (4).

Stats Demi Grenoble P1000

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