We are already approaching the final outcome of this P1000 UrbanPadel Carquefou while the semi-finals will soon begin, near Nantes.

As we told you yesterday, things happened in this tournament, with a massacre among the top seeds, who were surprised by outsiders, eager to go as far as possible in this tournament. Finally, only seeds 6 and 7 are still in the running today, facing two surprise pairs, who knew how to impose their law.

Today's meetings:

  • Robin Roux / Alexis Coulombeau (TS7) – Mathis Dupont-Brimbeuf / Paul Dornberger.
  • Thomas Rey / Simon Boissé (TS6) – Olivier Guy de Chamisso / Charles Gortzounian.

Totally surprising posters in Carquefou, you will have understood, which should certainly not be missed! The semi-finals will be followed, from 10:30 am, in full and live on Padel MagTV :

Gwenaelle Souyri

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