Logical victory of Lucile Pothier et Louise Bahurel au P1500 Jean Lain Audi Grenoble, facing their runners-up Tiffany Phaysouphanh et Fiona Ligi. The tournament favorites prevail 6 / 4 6 / 2 in 1h05 of match.

They will not have trembled, Lucile Pothier and Louise Bahurel during this tournament. The number 1 seed did not lose a single set throughout the competition. She will simply have been above the rest, even against her main rivals: Tiffany Phaysouphanh and Fiona Ligi.

During this final, Lucile and Louise will only have conceded one break point (and one break) but will have obtained 13 break points in total, for 4 made during this final. They won their opponents' service at the best of times in the first set, at 5/4.

Behind, the Bahurel/Pothier pair were full of confidence. She hurt her opponents very badly in the second round. However, even if Lucile and Louise left a break on the way, they were never worried in this last match in Isère.

Final stats P1500 Grenoble

It is therefore the second title in P1500 this season for Louise Bahurel, but also for Lucile Pothier. For the moment, only one other player has the same record this season and it is Camille Sireix. These three are the only ones to have won a P1500 in 2024 for the ladies.

Next P1500, you'll have to wait next July 12 and 14. This time, head to TC Toulonnais.

Gwenaelle Souyri

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