There will necessarily be new winners de P1500 in Sète Padel Club, this afternoon, with a completely new final in Hérault. Indeed, Timeo Fonteny et Yoan Boronad brought out the 3 seed, Nicolas Rouanet / Morgan Mannarino, while Alexandre Toppin and Nicolas Molinero won against Thomas Seux and Nathan Courrin.

In the semi-final that you were able to follow on Padel MagTV, Timéo Fonteny and Yoan Boronad had a very solid match against Morgan Mannarino and Nicolas Rouanet. If they only converted 4 break points out of the 17 obtained, however, they did a remarkable job on the track.

Even with their backs to the wall, trailing by a break in the second round, the young Catalan pair knew how to keep their cool to get the break. Behind, the Perpignans fought hard to secure this place in the final! Final score: 6 / 4 6 / 3.

Semi-final stats

In the other semi-final, there were some concerns around Nicolas Molinero, a little injured after his quarter-final the day before. Despite everything, the Molinero/Toppin pair won the first set (7/6), while Nathan Courrin and Thomas Seux served to win the first set at 5/4.

In the second round, it went very quickly, Nathan Courrin and Thomas Seux who did not want to lose this meeting. They inflicted an impeccable 6/0 to their opponents and completely relaunched themselves in this semi-final.

Unfortunately, this was not enough for the Seux/Courrin pair who ended up giving in in the decisive round, bowing 6/4, at the end of a great battle.

Unprecedented final, therefore, to be continued this afternoon, from 14:30 amOn Padel Magazine TV:

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