First twist in this P1500 Sete Padel Club, with the elimination, upon entry into the running, of the number 1 seed, Loïc The Panse et Quentin Ayuso. Tournament favorites came up against a strong pair Baptiste Hayet / Vincent Ferrara.

It is therefore – already – the end for the local Quentin Ayuso and the Narbonnais Loïc Le Panse. Under a blazing sun in Sète, the number 1s began their tournament with a very complicated trick facing Baptiste Hayet and Vincent Ferrara. Namely, in particular, that Vincent and Quentin are both from Sète and are childhood friend... So it was a nice duel that we were going to witness on the track.

The first set was very close between the two teams, with an almost equal level of play. However, there were opportunities on both sides of the net. Those who managed to convert them, it's good Baptiste Hayet and Vincent Ferrara who, to everyone's surprise, won the first round, sowing doubt in the heads of their opponents.

As with the first act, the second round was very tight. However, Quentin Ayuso and Loïc Le Panse no longer had the right to make mistakes if they wanted to secure their place in the quarter-finals. For their part, Vincent and Baptiste played their match very well, outwitting their opponents and imposing their style of play. Several times led by a mini-break in the decisive tie-break of the set, they managed, each time, to come back to the score. They were even the ones who won the final point… and therefore the match!

Stats P1500 Sète

The lower part of the table therefore opens with the defeat of Loïc Le Panse and Quentin Ayuso, which promises an unprecedented semi-final in this P1500.

You can follow, from 16:30 am, the first quarter-final, on Padel MagTV. In the meantime, a classification match is underway on the central track:

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