Lots of surprises during the quarter-finals of the P1500 Sete Padel Club, with the elimination of the 2 and 4 seeds during this last round of the day. This follows the elimination, upon entry into the running, of the pair Loïc Le Panse / Quentin Ayuso (TS1).

Upper part of the table

Major feat for the young Catalan pair Timéo Fonteny / Yoan Boronad (TS6) which removed the number 2 seed from this tournament, Ludovic Cancel et Benjamin Grue. The two Perpignans got off to a flying start in this match, winning the first set 6/3.

However, Ludovic and Benjamin shared their experience in the second act, which they went for to stick to a set everywhere. Same thing for the third set, where the Cancel/Grué pair led 5/2, double-break. However, Timéo Fonteny and Yoan Boronad, far from being on the mat, made a very good comeback, inflicting five games in a row on their elders. In the end, they imposed themselves 6/3 3/6 7/5 in this quarter-final.

They will be opposed to Morgan Mannarino et Nicolas Rouanet in their semi-final tomorrow. The 3 seed is the last survivor in this tournament. The Mannarino/Rouanet duo had the right to a close quarter-final, facing Nicolas Trancart and Léo Perez. Victory 7 / 6 7 / 5 to access the last square.

At the bottom of the table

Victory also of Nathan Courrin et Thomas Seux facing the pair Benoît Theard and Thibaud Pech. Theard who returned to the slopes after his ankle injury during the P2000 at PadelShot from Caen. No final four this time for the Theard/Pech pair, eliminated in two sets by Nathan and Thomas: 7 / 6 6 / 4.

Nicolas Molinero et Alexander Toppin put an end to the very good run of Vincent Ferrara and Baptiste Hayet, who achieved the feat of taking out the number 1 seed earlier in the day. However, the Ferrara/Hayet pair may have some regrets in the second round because, after the loss of the first set, Baptiste and Vincent managed to pull themselves together well, until get set balls to return to one sleeve everywhere.

However, the Molinero/Toppin pair did the job to come back and win this match to get their ticket to the semi-final: 6 / 4 7 / 6.

Tomorrow, meet around 10h for the start of the semi-finals. On the central track, broadcast in full and live on Padel MagTV, we will find the confrontation between Nicolas Molinero / Alexandre Toppin facing Nathan Courrin / Thomas Seux:

Gwenaelle Souyri

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