The logic is not always in the previous tournaments Premier Padel. We have new proof of this in Genoa, where three unseeded pairs (two for the ladies) managed to qualify for the main draw. The big surprise comes from the local duo Abbate (144 / 19 years old) / Graziotti (142 / 25 years old), who took out the Melendez brothers (7) in the first round, and dominated Mena / Ramirez during the qualifying match for the final table ( 6/2 6/7 7/6)!

Qualified pairs for men:

  • Augsburger / Libaak (1)
  • Ramirez / Jofre (2)
  • Perino / Garcia (3)
  • Abbate / Graziotti

Among the girls, the duos which join the final table are:

  • Bellver / Borrero (1)
  • Casali / Gallardo (4)
  • Fassio / Eugenio
  • Arruabarrena / Polo

Start of the round of 16 tomorrow, notably with the entry of Alix Collombon and Julieta Bidahorria, against one of the four qualified pairs.

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