If the best players in the world have decided to ignore the P2 of Bordeaux , some Fernando Belasteguin Don't miss him. King Bela, who has started his last year as a professional player, is taking advantage of the Gironde, pushed by a public who encourage him in every match. Seeded number 1 at the Arkéa Arena, Bela knows that he has a good chance of making his return to the final, and perhaps even leaving with a title.

But if Miguel Lamperti, who thinks that the first four men's world pairs should no longer make the trip to P2, is not wrong: Bela could have other opportunities, he who forms with Juan Tello the fifth pair in the ranking.

On the P1 and Major, the behemoths of the circuit are present. We think of Coello / Tapia, obviously, Chingalan or again, to super kids. As we have seen, Bela and “El Gato” are not celebrating when they face the best players in the world. Facing Coello / Tapia, these are two defeats in two sets – already – in two meetings over the last month.

In addition, only three pairs have won a men's title this season: Coello / Tapia, Chingalan and LeBron/Galan. Consequently, the circuit seems very closed and leaves little room for competition.

So obviously the absence of the world's top pairs on the P2s would be a real boon for King Bela. Not that there aren't other very good pairs in these tournaments, but he will necessarily start, with Tello, as favorite since he will find himself, unless there is a change in the ranking, seeded 1 like here in Bordeaux (which had not happened to him since the end of July 2018, in Bastad).

Therefore, it seems that P2 becomes the last possibilities for Fernando Belasteguin to lift a title. Currently there are three remaining, including that of Genoa, which in turn arouses heated controversy and which risks cancellation, as told to us Thomas Leygue in interview.

Before looking that far ahead, Bela and Tello must first win their quarter-final this Friday in Bordeaux!

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