Le P2000 PadelShot Caen is now finished, after two beautiful finals having crowned Fiona Ligi / Tiffany Phaysouphanh et Jo Bergeron / Max Moreau. Both pairs put in solid performances in their last meeting.

Fiona Ligi and Tiffany Phaysouphanh won 6/4 6/1 against Camille Sireix et Louise Bahurel. For their part, Johan Bergeron and Maxime Moreau triumphed against Miguel Gonzalez Garcia et Benjamin Grue, 6/1 6/1.

Note the first coronation in P2000 for Max Moreau and Tiffany Phaysouphanh, a second for Fiona Ligi and a eighth for Johan Bergeron.

For the ladies, complete this podium Melanie Ros et Marie maligo, who benefited from the pair's package Nada Majdoubi / Laurine Bergaud, Nada having been injured in the thigh since her quarter-final against Émilie Loit and Laura Clergue.

On the gentlemen's side, it is Maxime Forcin, Norman, and Dorian DeMeyer who arrive at the third step of the podium. They too won by abandonment, since Thibaud Pech et Benoit Theard, suffering from a sprained ankle, had to withdraw from the rest of the competition, just before its semi-final.

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