During the final quarter-final of the P2000 at PadelShot of Caen, the public witnessed a great show between the pairs Forcin/De Meyer et Hugounenq/Vincent.

First two balanced sets

Pierre Vincent stolen

The start of the match is a bit nightmarish for Maxime Forcin and Dorian de Meyer. The two men quickly fell behind 0/3 and had to save double break points behind. At 1/4, the two men finally manage to enter this quarter-final and succeed, little by little, in closing their gap.

Forçin De Meyer Hugounenq Vincent Set 1

The first round finally fell into their hands in the deciding game, seven points to four (7/6) despite a poor start to the match.

In the second set, Pierre Vincent and Arthur Hugounenq rely on enormous overhead power to make the entry break with authority. The fourth seed in the table does not repeat the same mistake twice and this time maintains his lead throughout this set (3/6), pushing this match until a final decisive act.

Forçin De Meyer Hugounenq Vincent Set 2

An aborted comeback

In the third round, Forcin and De Meyer found lucidity in their tactical choices, forcing the game to go from the bottom to avoid the thunderous smashes of their opponents. A plan that works until leading 5/1, match point. However, Hugounenq and Vincent do not say their last word and hang on, igniting more than ever PadelShot Caen. The two men reversed the situation to lead 6/5.

Arthur Hugounenq Pierre Vincent P2000 Caen

While the match seems to have found its winner, Arthur Hugounenq is guilty of a moody gesture at 40/30 on the opposing service. As he was already warned at the start of the set, his team received a penalty point, which had the effect of taking the match to a new tie-break. Maxime Forcin and Dorian de Meyer throw their last physical and especially mental strength into the battle.

Dorian De Meyer clenches his fist

They ended up winning on the third match point after an incredible scenario in a thrilling game for the spectators: 7/6(4) – 3/6 – 7/6(4).

Forçin De Meyer Hugounenq Vincent Set 3

Undefeated on French soil

By thwarting the predictions at the end of this duel at the top, Maxime Forcin and Dorian de Meyer are therefore still undefeated in France since the start of their association. A statistic that amuses them a lot, as you can see in their post-match interview.

Maxime Forçin Dorian de Meyer joy

However, tomorrow they will face the only tricolor pair who beat them at the FIP Rise in Cairo last month : Max Moreau et Johan Bergeron. The two teams will cross swords in the semi-final of the P2000 in Caen tomorrow at 10:30 a.m.:

Follow the end of the P2000 in Caen tomorrow with us:

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