Left-handed, 19 years old, 1m88, a disconcerting ability to string together winning points... No, we're not talking about Arturo Coello but about a player who is two years younger than him and who gives him two small centimeters under the gauge: Pablo Cardona.

The comparison is of course flattering for the native of Mérida, who is still far from his elder in terms of level of play. Indeed, while Arturo sits at the top of the FIP ranking, Pablo is in 34th place. , quite far behind then.

If Cardona is not really in the transition period of the ultra-early Coello, he nonetheless remains a player with enormous potential, who could do very badly in the years to come.

We saw it at the start of the season with Javi Ruiz, with two trophies won on Ultimate Padel Tour and a quarter-final at the Qatar Major, Cardona is starting to make a name for himself in the padel global. The one who has recently joined the team Bullpadel confirms the good things shown last season, including a quarter-final at the WPT Mexico Open, already alongside Ruiz.

As you might expect, this tall left-hander excels in offensive phases, notably with powerful smashes and volleys full of spin, a bit like Coello, but also Alex Ruiz, can do. But for the moment, what this young player lacks to take the next step is consistency, particularly in defensive tasks. To illustrate, this superb diamond still needs to be polished a little.

If he manages to erase a few flaws, with his offensive potential and the experience he has already been able to acquire despite his young age, Pablo could do very badly. In a context where right-wing players are increasingly decisive (Coello, Yanguas, Sanz, etc.), the Spaniard clearly has a card to play.

For the moment, he is developing quite well alongside the experienced and reliable Javi Ruiz, but it could be that in the not-so-distant future, the left-hander will find himself a player of another caliber. In any case, this is what some observers believe, and it would certainly be the key to turning a corner.

In your opinion, this milestone will one day arrive? And if so, when and with which partner?

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