This is information that comes to us from our colleagues at Padel market : Pablo Cardona yesterday broke the record for the number of winning smashes in a match in 2024. Until now, the joint record holders were Teo Zapata and Alex Arroyo with 27. The young left-hander did better by achieving 30 winning smashes yesterday in one of the numerous climbs of the day.

Facing Maxi Sanchez and Sanyo Gutiérrez in the round of 2 at P88 in Asuncion, Pablo Cardona showed why he is considered one of the most promising players on the circuit. From the height of his XNUMX meter height, this left-hander with a powerful strike is capable of bringing down rains of winners. He proved it yesterday by hitting 30 winning smashes. Sometimes imprecise, the Spaniard produced a superb copy yesterday, with 68% efficiency on the smash, and 41 winning points for 13 unforced errors!

Today, this somewhat irregular player will try to confirm with his teammate Javi Ruiz against another gunner, Javi Leal, and his sidekick Lucas Campagnolo, in one of the most attractive posters of the eighth!

Today's program in Paraguay:

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